A good story is a good foundation for a film to be understandable and make sense to the viewer

By Animavision

I think the stories from our daily lives are the most effective and motivated ones. I always find myself searching for true stories or documentaries. Something inside me called me to do it and finally, I’ve found the strength to tell my story!

After meeting with Gerald and Matt, we agreed on telling a brand-new story! In the beginning, I wanted to work on another story, but they encouraged me to tell mine. It will be a challenge for me not just because I need to recall every event, but because composing a story is a challenge as well. This is because I have to think about the Synopsis, Narration, and Script. So “Animavision” helped me a lot throughout this journey. It is practical and useful as a reference for me.

After many deep breaths, I’m finally ready to jump into it!

My first practice in TVPaint!