” I’ve always been excited by rotoscoping, the technique used in films like ‘Waking Life,’ which fuses animation with real-life emotion. It seemed like it was a process ripe for innovation.”
Aaron Koblin

So far, through the Domestika courses, I’ve studied Rotoscope history and movies based on it. I’ve learned how to rotate and crop my video in Adobe Aftereffect, Import them in Photoshop, and how decrease the images! For producing 10 seconds I need just 240 frames but eventually, when converting a video to images you will get 200000 frames! Anyway, after a lot of failing finally, I’ve produced this video in which the ratio is wrong and I need to find out how to resize the paper and camera point of view again! The interesting part of this journey is that I can directly draw in TVPaint and use the rotoscope technique in it which they’ve already provided and I didn’t know!