“Today’s rotoscope is called motion or performance capture and is completely digitized, but the objective is still the same: to make humans animated actors and make cartoons more human.”
The book “Acting and Character Animation. The Art of Animated Films, Acting, and Visualizing”
Rolf Giesen and Anna Khan

As part of my research and study of movies like Loving Vincent, Waltz With Bashi, Tehran Taboo, and Alois Nebel, I’ve found out that the Rotoscope is good so far for documentary animations. But also I’ve tried to bring some fine art skills to the movie. The footsteps of my paintings throughout my film.

Fortherleess I’m so pleased that Leon Dexter introduced me to Ebsynth! It’s a completely new software which I have to learn and do some tests!

“Start-up Secret Weapons has released EbSynth, an interesting free tool for converting video footage into stylised ‘motion paintings. The software transfers the look of one or more manually generated style frames to those from the video, creating the look of hand-painted animation.”