“The keys tell the story. All the other drawings or positions we’ll have to make next to bring the thing to life will be the extremes: the passing positions or breakdowns and in-betweens.”

Richard williams

Matthew’s tutorial helped me better understand how to use the dope sheet and find the keys and extremes. Furthermore, Richard Williams explains the fundamentals of timing and spacing, keys, extremes, breakdowns, and arc of action on page 49 of his book “The Animators Survival Kit.”
In the following, I analyze twenty scenes that have been edited and captured. After finding each scene’s keys and extremes, I converted and broke down each scene into its key and extreme images. Based on the film’s style and theme, and also Mathew’s feedback, it’s been decided to use 12 frames instead of 24 for each visual movement, which helps convey the film’s emotional appeal. As it moves slowly and fades away, it will also create a dreamlike atmosphere. The final framing will be done in TvPaint.

Studying the arc of action, keys and extremes