After finalizing the keyframes, in-betweens and the arc of action, it’s time to transfer each frame to a visual style of the film. This part is divided into two sections one part is based on digital skills and painting on keyframes and another part which are in-betweens producers by Ebsynth. In this case, I’ve actually used Ebsynth as my assistant to do in-betweens!
It also helps me to keep the texture and the format of the drawing and saves a lot of my time. Obviously, I have to go over again on each frame again and make sure that it is adjusted in the right composition and attached to the imaginary background.
In this case, the study of digital painting, reaching out to online tutorials like Feng zhu concept artist, joining webinars of clip studio, reaching for free brushes and learning to make my own brushes are included in this process.
In the end, I had to choose between putting the lines or not, after some tests and research I’ve come to the conclusion that removing the lines which Character combines with the background and bough up the fade and blur feeling to the audience. In total 240 frames have to be painted to get the final results!