Character design is the casting of virtual characters that are required by the story. The design should express life in a still image.

Book “Acting and Character Animation” by Rolf Giesen and Anna Khan

As far as animation visual look based on rotoscoping and actor, I’ve decided to have one actor and use her as both main characters included in the animation. This change gives me the opportunity to bring up my character design skills to form a complete imaginary Character design and his style.
This means I can use Live Action Video as a reference for one of my Imaginary characters instead of a rotoscope. This is a great experience and gives me the chance to practice and prepare for future opportunities.

Main Character

I used a non-actor and tried to review the script and message of the film with her which she delivered it excellently.
In LAV footage I have used cloth with texture and light colour instead of the white dress of the character. It helped me to have more grey shades in the final dress.
Also, I’ve used my lecturer’s advice Matthew Gravelle that frame each scene like an Illustration. His analysis of “Father and Daughter” by Michaël Dudok Helped me to simplify the characters and focus on the action and motion of the film and remove unnecessary detail.

Side Character