“Today’s rotoscope is called motion or performance capture and is completely digitized, but the objective is still the same: to make humans animated actors and make cartoons more human.”

The book “Acting and Character Animation. The Art of Animated Films, Acting, and Visualizing”

Rolf Giesen and Anna Khan

To figure out how it works, I recorded myself to do some tests. As a graphic designer who started out as an artist, I’ve always worked with computers, and as a fine artist, my hands have always been in oil paints and chalk! For me, photography and photomontage were the bridge between these two worlds. With the progress of digital art every day, I am looking forward to learning more about it and applying my practical skills to it. Thus, I have followed digital artists, especially environment artists, and studied their work online. As a result, I gained a deeper understanding of digital art. I enjoy working with Ebsynth a lot! Sometimes, weatherless doesn’t deliver what I need, but it’s a good way to visualize texture, scale, and even camera view on screen and gives me the freedom to change it! Here is a test I’ve done.

EbSynth – Transform Video by Painting Over a Single Frame.