“I made tons of films. I did animation for my friends’ films. I animated scenes just for the fun of it. Most of my stuff was bad, but I had fun, and I tried everything I knew to get better.” – Pete Docter

Jumping into the main project is a bit scary. It’s like Fear of the White Canvas when I’m painting. For overcoming of this I’ve decided to work on a side project. In addition, I’m practising 58 episodes of TVPaint Animation 11 tutorials on youtube. I am able to follow the steps step by step and solve problems as I progress.

In this small project, I’m working with children in my church. As a result of encouraging one of the youth to design a Cocoa family, I haven’t changed any shapes or forms for this reason. It gave me the freedom to focus on software and technical issues rather than characters.

Meanwhile, since the project has dialogues and sounds, it was a great opportunity to work on lip-syncing and sound effects.

Here’s a two-part video I made! In the first video, I had no idea what colouring was, and in the second video, I’m trying to figure it out!

Timing is a problem for me! It may seem awful, but every success starts with a failure!

First Part

Working on layers and timing

Fairtrade Part 1

Second Part

Working on colours and better movements