Learning with Disney!

“One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is that there are no shortcuts to a good performance. Most people hate doing thumbnails before animating a shot. But believe me, it is so much more time efficient to figure out your acting before hand through a quick series of scribbles.”

Aaron Blaise

Joanna Quinn’s workshop at the Cardiff Animation Festivals inspired me to draw freely without fear of making mistakes. I’ve watched all of her backstage work on Youtube. My fine arts education taught me that copying is the most effective way to learn. Also during my research, I found this Article by Isaac Kaplan, the title says everything!

“Copying Other People’s Art Can Boost Creativity, Study Finds”


 it reminded me of my practice of copying the master’s paintings to learn from them. It’s time to subscribe to Aron Blaise’s Youtube channel to practice with him. What I find most fascinating about him is that he uses TVPaint and made some tips about it that are so helpful. Aaron’s YouTube tutorials helped me regain my drawing skills and start Tumblailing!


In this section, I’ve drawn step by step with him to practice the movement! Even this short time gained me a lot!

Cleaning and modifying lines