” At the heart of any great story are the characters that inhabit, shape, and determine the story.”
From “Acting and Performance for Animation” book

As per rotoscope requirements, I’m seeking an actor who fulfils the narrative and conveys the film’s emotion! Hayes and Webster mention in their book “Acting and Performance for Animation” that the actor should bring something of his or her experiences to the character during the development of acting.
“One of the techniques that Stanislavski developed required the actor to find something in his own life that would allow him or her to understand what was going on within the character. But even further, by looking back at an incident that had triggered sadness in her own life, the actor could not only understand what the character might be feeling but, by calling that memory up in preparation for going on stage, or actually, on stage, the performance would come from a much more truthful place than if the emotion was merely imitated.”
Unfortunately, I was not able to handle the weight of the motion of acting in my own movie as part of my autobiography. As part of this experience, I recorded some LAV references at the university’s studio. None of it will be used by me, and I will look for someone who can help me.